Why Running and Jogging Is Best For Health And Fitness.

Three Women running.

Running and Jogging are both forms of Aerobics exercise. Jobbing is defined as going with a speed less than 6 km/h while running is going for speed more than 6 km/h. Have you ever wondered about their benefits? It is far beyond our expectations

There are 24 hours in a day. According to scientific research, we need 150 minutes of exercise a week that is 30 minutes per day while leaving 2 days of exercise in a week. So the best exercise we can do is running and jogging. Here are the amazing benefits of running and jogging.

1- Running and jogging reduce stress and improves mental health.

We are busy the whole day working in an office or in another business which is hectic for us but regular running and jogging in the early morning and in the evening will help us to reduce stress and help us to improve our mental health.

2- Running and Jogging Extend Life Expectancy.

A study found that regular running and jogging will improve your life expectancy as compared to those who don’t run and all. This the best benefits of running and jogging, just spare 15-20 minutes a day for this aerobic exercise.

3 – Makes Us Happier And Active.

Sparing 15-20 minutes a day for running or jogging makes you feel happier and active throughout the day. No matter how you feel but regular exercise will surely make you happy and better. Running can also use as a medium to control your anger.

4- Helps Your Body To Be In Shape.

Running and Jogging helps your body to be in shape as you burn calories and it helps you to maintain fitness. So you can be in shape and you can even reduce your Tummy fat by running and jogging.

5- Helps Us To Reduce Weight.

Exercises burn calories and while running and jogging we burn large amounts of calories and it continues even after we stop them which is called ” Afterburn “. So we can maintain or lose our weight by running and jogging.

6- Easy To Learn.

Running and Jogging is easy to learn as it as you don’t need any complicated technique. All you just need a proper pair of running shoes and a particular track to run.

7- Cheapest Aerobic Exercise.

Running is the cheapest aerobic exercise as it does not need any type of equipment and you can do running at the park, loan, a free space, etc. All you just need is a pair of shoes.

8 – Reduce the Risk of Diseases.

One of the best benefits of running and jogging is the it reduces the risk of diseases as it makes our immune system strong. Running or Jogging in the early morning in the fresh air also improves our respiratory system.

9- Strengthen Our Bones.

Running or jogging helps our bones to become strong as while running our body becomes flexible and blood circulation also increases so it strengthens our bones.

10- Effective Way To Quit Smoking.

The best benefit of running and jogging is that it can help smokers to quit their smoking habit. Also, it helps the lungs to repair and it promotes lung health.

So these are benefits of running and jogging.

I hope that I have provided you with the knowledge of being healthy.

Do give your suggestions in the comment section and let me know your word about it.

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