Best 10 Minutes Breakfast With Preparation For Busy People.

We are all aware that breakfast is the first meal of the day and therefore it breaks the overnight fast, if skipped, the fast continues to extend leading to impact the metabolism of your body, resulting in laziness, poor concentration, and unhealthy body weight.
But most of us do not have time to have necessary and appropriate parts of the breakfast because it obviously takes time to cook and has one.
There are certain breakfast preparations that only take 10 minutes to make
Porridges are made using cereal, milk and water and sugar. Porridges are one of the best breakfast which helps us to lose weight. These can be classified into three categories:
Uncooked cereals – e.g. cracked wheat, semolina, sago
Semi- cooked cereals- e.g. quick-cooking oats, vermicelli
Ready-to-eat cereals- e.g. cornflakes, rice flakes, wheat flakes, rice crisps, puffed wheat, chirwa.

Nutritive value of porridges
As the porridges are prepared using milk, cereal and sugar all these contribute towards a nutritive value

Milk provides a good quality of protein and supplements the essential amino acids that are deficient in cereals.
Milk is also a rich source of calcium and vitamins such as riboflavin and vitamin A. Cereals are a good source of energy, iron and some vitamins of B-group. Sugar too contributes to the energy content.

Cracked wheat porridge:
Ingredients >>>> Amount
Milk >>>> 1 Cup
Cracked wheat > >>> 20g
Water > >>> ½ C
Sugar > >>> 2t or to taste
Fat >>>> 5g

Heat the fat in the pan and roast the cracked wheat to light brown color. Alternately it may be dry roasted in a pan.
Add water and cook on a slow fire, stirring occasionally till done and of thick consistency
Add milk, sugar and bring to boil, serve hot, and dry fruits on top while serving it.

This is a very easy way to have a conventional breakfast without compromising on your time. Avoiding an unhealthy lifestyle and switching to a healthy heart and body is the obligatory rule to achieve so.

So this is the best and quickest breakfast with full nutrition for busy people. Also, you can prepare it on your own. There are several other breakfasts so you can also check them out.

Do let me know your suggestions. You can also comment down below.

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