Healthy Eating For Busy Professional:

In today’s era where we all are working for about 9-10 hours (some of us devote more than that) we often forget to take care of our body and more importantly to provide the right nutrition to our body.
It’s true that not all of us have time to hit the gym or yoga classes, have time to prepare a full course meal and we in turn put our body in a compromising state.
So to prevent that being thankful to our body for doing so much it is our duty to respect and give the right nutrition to it so that it keeps us healthy and capable of working as much as we can.
Healthy eating (especially for people working in the corporate world) is still a baffling problem to us , because we are on the run, let’s admit it that we do not have that much time in the morning to prepare a full healthy breakfast and lunch
So, to overcome these problems which we as busy people usually face when we think of healthy eating can be eliminated by these simple tips:
⦁ Let’s admit the fact that wending machines, soda machines and packaged snacks are not the only options we have in the market today, most of us limit our food choices to these three sources of diet. Being a busy professional does cuts out a lot of options but then there are other options still open, let’s explore what they are:


We as a busy professional usually tend to skip breakfast because it needs a lot of preparation, but here are some of the alternatives that require less time and are more nutritious than a wending machine munching:

⦁ Oatmeal: Oatmeal is high fiber and a nutritious breakfast choice, it can give that energy boost that you need to keep yourself up with the work. They are one of the healthiest grains on the earth and a great source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

To make to more nutritious you can add boiled egg to the oatmeal, in this way you will be also adding a protein source to your meal.

⦁ Greek yoghurt: Another option is to simple have a bowl of Greek yoghurt you can choose a flavored one or a simple one. It is an excellent source of calcium which will in turn improve our bine health. It also has probiotics which support healthy gut bacteria, it is known to lower the blood pressure levels as well and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

⦁ Whole wheat bread+ Peanut butter: This is another healthy breakfast choice that you can switch to, this will give you a feeling of satiety and will surely keep you away from snacking and the junks

⦁ Smoothies: Smoothies are a great way to have a healthy and an effortless breakfast, you can add yoghurt/milk, some seasonal fruits like banana, apple, grapes, berries etc. some leafy vegetables like spinach, kale (rich source of iron and vitamin A and E), Blend them together and there you have smoothie which will fulfill all your breakfast requirement and you and also drink it on the go.

We have to think a lot about our lunch and generally, lunch is more difficult and time consuming to prepare as compared to breakfast. But we have to be more circumspect while making our lunch choices.
It is best to avoid pre-packaged meal for lunch, you can have them twice a weak but it should not be your everyday choice.
⦁ So instead of opting for a prepackaged meal go for a salad and a chapatti(Indian bread)

It needs very less efforts and very less preparation as well:
Cut cumber, tomatoes, veggies like mushrooms, corns, beans, beetroot etc. (there is so much you can add to a salad there is no limitations to the choice you make. Dice them in your lunch box, add 1 tsp. of olive oil, salt, black pepper toss them well and Voila! you have your own salad bowl with a toasted bread.

Salad a rich source of fiber, loaded with vitamins, minerals anti-oxidants and eating the salad in day time increases the powerful antioxidants in the blood and it has so many nutritional benefits, with a dash of carbohydrate (From the chapattis or a toasted bread.)

After a long hectic day, even though you are now not compromising with the nutrition of your body, it is suggested to cook your favorite dish at night for dinner; it not only relaxes your body but is also an award to your body for giving us so much. Cook anything that is easy on the stomach and you enjoy having it, in this way you will definitely have a positive and a nutritious ending to your day and your body will have a good rest, it will all the more be ready to hustle for next day.
But no matter what, don’t let your cravings over shadow the good nutrition that you have given to your body go to waste. These tips will definitely persuade the old law of our food consumption and help us in a better way to take care of ourselves and our body.
Do let us know your opinions on these tips and feel free to give us feedback in the comments.

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