How To Stay Fit Without A Gym.

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. Fitness can not only be achieved by going to the Gym. All we just need to follow a healthy lifestyle, good diet, and some exercise. There are many reasons that we don’t join Gym whether it being an Expensive or Stressful job. But we can stay fit and healthy without a gym by following these simple ways.

We have to follow these three things that are our Lifestyle, Diet and Workout. Let me explain this to you one by one.


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Lifestyle includes how we spend our entire day whether we are working or spending our free time. It can be defined as our entire day time table. To stay fit without a gym we have to follow Lifestyle as following-

— Healthy Sleep of 7 hours.

— Morning workout and exercise for 15 to 20 minutes which includes jogging, running, aerobics.

— You can also prefer YOGA along with exercise for 15 minutes.

— Avoid bad manners like Smoking, Alcohol, tobacco, etc.

— Avoid junk food but you can have it once or twice throughout the week.

— No caffeine in any form tea, coffee, diet coke nothing.

— Workout and Exercise for 30 minutes in the evening which included running, pushups, and squat.

2- Diet.

A high protein diet.

— A glass of hot water long with along with a lemon as it will improve your metabolism and your digestive power. It is key to stay in shape and to lose weight.

— Fruits are our best friends. Eat fruits in breakfast and evening snacks. You can also have juice at breakfast and in the evening.

— Do not overeat and prefer Chapati over rice as it contains more protein.

— Avoid sugar, sweet dishes and Caffeine as they are poisoning us.

— Stay Hydrated and eat vegetable salads with your dinner.

3- Workout.

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— You have to run a minimum of 2-3 km in the entire day, So you can cover this distance in the morning and evening workout.

— Total 100 push-ups in the entire day, So 50 pushups in the morning and 50 pushups in the evening workout.

— 15-20 Minutes of Yoga in a morning workout.

— 50 pullups and 50 sit-ups throughout the day.

Don’t follow this if your BMI falls under the normal category. If you persist in following this routine then try to include more carbs during lunch and also during dinner.

For people who are overweight, you will shed 15-20 kgs. within 5-6 months and for people with normal weight can shape their bodies and can stay fit and healthy by following these ways.

So stay fit, healthy, happy and content. I hope that I have provided you with the knowledge of being healthy.

Do give your suggestions in the comment section and let me know your word about it.

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