Side Effects Of Skipping a Meal.

Skipping A Meal.

We often skip a meal and ignore its consequences that it is not a big deal, right? There are many reasons to skip meals whether being busy in the office, hectic work, craving for a particular food or not in a mood to eat but whatever the reason is skipping meals happen. Ever wonder the side effects of skipping a meal, how it affects our body and leads to some serious problems. Here are the side effects of skipping a meal.

1- Affect On Metabolism.

A simplified view of cellular metabolism.

Skipping a meal lowers our metabolism rate and our body is more likely to store extra calories which are utilized as fat when we eat later. Our body burns calories throughout the day in the form of heat so we should never skip a meal to improve our metabolism system.

2- Overeating habits.


Skipping a meal lead us to overeat. As we skip a meal our body grows more demand for food as a result of being hungry from our meal-skipping behavior. Skipping a meal enhances our craving for food which results in to overeat.

3- We feel tired and Inactive.

Feeling tired and Inactive.

Skipping a meal can literally make our body slow and inactive as there is not enough energy in our body to work, this is due to the drop in glucose in the blood. Our body needs proper food and nutrition to work energetically throughout the day.

4- Acidity Problem.

Acidity problem.

Acidity can be caused due to the long gap between the meal. When we are empty stomach we usually intake tea, coffee or other drinks which leads to secretion to acid in the gastric glands of the stomach.

5- Bad Breath.

Bad Breath due to skipping a meal.

Bad breath is common for people who skip their meal, As we eat the food we chew it and the amount of saliva increases in our mouth and when we are not eating that is skipping a meal amount of bacteria increases as saliva decreases which causes bad breath.

6- We are not in our best mood.

Bad Mood.

Skipping a meal results in a bad mood as we are messing with our blood sugar levels. When we skip our meal Glucose does not reach to brin which puts us in a very bad mood.

So these are the side effects of skipping a meal. So we should never skip a meal, instead of skipping a meal, we can have snacks or light food of that our body can energetically which proper amount to glucose in our blood.

So stay fit, healthy, happy and content. I hope that I have provided you with the knowledge of being healthy. For more information, you can check out my blog section.

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