What are the Components Of Physical Fitness?

Physical exercise is a disciplined way of maintaining overall health and wellness. It can be compared to a machine, if the machine isn’t used for a long time, the functions wouldn’t work as accurately as compared to when the machine was new. The human body is also the same, when we take care of the body, it will work better. That’s why physical fitness is necessary.

Fitness is a state of health which enables the body to do efficient activities. It makes the heart, lungs and muscles perform better. Research has found that physical exercise also influences our mental alertness and emotional stability. So, the person who physically fit can perform better in the workplace.

Physical fitness is the most impotent key to keep a healthy body. others are good diet, sound sleep If you are physically fit, it can help you to live longer and helps you keep doctors away Also you will have a great deal to manage your stress level, reducing depression anger control and anxiety management. In order to get physical fitness, you have to go with regular physical exercise and have to follow a complete routine. So, what’s the routine? The American heart foundation found that 150 minutes of exercise every week can lead to physically sound health. Simply 30 minutes a day and 5 days a week.

Basically there are 5 components of physical Fitness.

Cardiovascular fitness:

This fitness basically enables Heart and lungs to work today together to remove sudden tiredness and ensure maximize the general working time. It helps to deliver oxygen efficiently. That makes you have a sound breathing system. Also, it makes your body waste-free by transferring harmful waste from cells. One can have cardiovascular fitness by cycling jogging swimming, running, speed working etc.


In fitness achieving flexibility is much important. Flexibility ensures the easy movements of muscle, ligament and tendons easy movements. Most of the people ignored this phrase but that is the key component of measuring your fitness level. When anyone moves his body parts without any hindrance and feeling of uncomfortableness. It will help you provide a lower chance of muscle-tendon injuries.

Muscular Strength:

To perform our daily activities we need a modest level of Strength. Like is regular activities we might have something to carry, something to move or to lift objects for this we need a certain level of strength. To rise up the muscular strength leg press, shoulder press, bench press could be a good exercise.

Muscular endurance :

Muscular endurance is not same as Muscular strength, It indicates a bit upper level of strength, It also enables a person to do daily activities and also reduces the risk of getting injured while performing this basic tasks. Example of Muscular endurance is how many pushups or sit up one person can do that indicate a dynamic level. On a static level, one can enjoy these activities like cycling, hiking or simply playing football or other games.

Body composition:

Body composition is normally used to measure the ratio of fat, bone, water, organs and muscles. People usually have different body composition. Healthy adult’s males have 6 to 24 percent fat in their body and Healthy females have 14 to 31 percent fat in their body. The overfat level could bring a negative effect on your appearance, performance and overall health.

In conclusion, these are the components of physical fitness. Fitness is important to be more active in your daily life. We can see some people are very active in their 70’s while some also get affected by several diseases by their 30’s. We need to innovative and hardworking to compete in this digital era. Which sound health and physical fitness it would not possible. You have to exercise Daily and also have to maintain a healthy diet chart. That will boost your energy level and enable you to work more with a stress-free mind.

Healthy Eating For Busy Professional:

In today’s era where we all are working for about 9-10 hours (some of us devote more than that) we often forget to take care of our body and more importantly to provide the right nutrition to our body.
It’s true that not all of us have time to hit the gym or yoga classes, have time to prepare a full course meal and we in turn put our body in a compromising state.
So to prevent that being thankful to our body for doing so much it is our duty to respect and give the right nutrition to it so that it keeps us healthy and capable of working as much as we can.
Healthy eating (especially for people working in the corporate world) is still a baffling problem to us , because we are on the run, let’s admit it that we do not have that much time in the morning to prepare a full healthy breakfast and lunch
So, to overcome these problems which we as busy people usually face when we think of healthy eating can be eliminated by these simple tips:
⦁ Let’s admit the fact that wending machines, soda machines and packaged snacks are not the only options we have in the market today, most of us limit our food choices to these three sources of diet. Being a busy professional does cuts out a lot of options but then there are other options still open, let’s explore what they are:


We as a busy professional usually tend to skip breakfast because it needs a lot of preparation, but here are some of the alternatives that require less time and are more nutritious than a wending machine munching:

⦁ Oatmeal: Oatmeal is high fiber and a nutritious breakfast choice, it can give that energy boost that you need to keep yourself up with the work. They are one of the healthiest grains on the earth and a great source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

To make to more nutritious you can add boiled egg to the oatmeal, in this way you will be also adding a protein source to your meal.

⦁ Greek yoghurt: Another option is to simple have a bowl of Greek yoghurt you can choose a flavored one or a simple one. It is an excellent source of calcium which will in turn improve our bine health. It also has probiotics which support healthy gut bacteria, it is known to lower the blood pressure levels as well and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

⦁ Whole wheat bread+ Peanut butter: This is another healthy breakfast choice that you can switch to, this will give you a feeling of satiety and will surely keep you away from snacking and the junks

⦁ Smoothies: Smoothies are a great way to have a healthy and an effortless breakfast, you can add yoghurt/milk, some seasonal fruits like banana, apple, grapes, berries etc. some leafy vegetables like spinach, kale (rich source of iron and vitamin A and E), Blend them together and there you have smoothie which will fulfill all your breakfast requirement and you and also drink it on the go.

We have to think a lot about our lunch and generally, lunch is more difficult and time consuming to prepare as compared to breakfast. But we have to be more circumspect while making our lunch choices.
It is best to avoid pre-packaged meal for lunch, you can have them twice a weak but it should not be your everyday choice.
⦁ So instead of opting for a prepackaged meal go for a salad and a chapatti(Indian bread)

It needs very less efforts and very less preparation as well:
Cut cumber, tomatoes, veggies like mushrooms, corns, beans, beetroot etc. (there is so much you can add to a salad there is no limitations to the choice you make. Dice them in your lunch box, add 1 tsp. of olive oil, salt, black pepper toss them well and Voila! you have your own salad bowl with a toasted bread.

Salad a rich source of fiber, loaded with vitamins, minerals anti-oxidants and eating the salad in day time increases the powerful antioxidants in the blood and it has so many nutritional benefits, with a dash of carbohydrate (From the chapattis or a toasted bread.)

After a long hectic day, even though you are now not compromising with the nutrition of your body, it is suggested to cook your favorite dish at night for dinner; it not only relaxes your body but is also an award to your body for giving us so much. Cook anything that is easy on the stomach and you enjoy having it, in this way you will definitely have a positive and a nutritious ending to your day and your body will have a good rest, it will all the more be ready to hustle for next day.
But no matter what, don’t let your cravings over shadow the good nutrition that you have given to your body go to waste. These tips will definitely persuade the old law of our food consumption and help us in a better way to take care of ourselves and our body.
Do let us know your opinions on these tips and feel free to give us feedback in the comments.

Side Effects Of Skipping a Meal.

Skipping A Meal.

We often skip a meal and ignore its consequences that it is not a big deal, right? There are many reasons to skip meals whether being busy in the office, hectic work, craving for a particular food or not in a mood to eat but whatever the reason is skipping meals happen. Ever wonder the side effects of skipping a meal, how it affects our body and leads to some serious problems. Here are the side effects of skipping a meal.

1- Affect On Metabolism.

A simplified view of cellular metabolism.

Skipping a meal lowers our metabolism rate and our body is more likely to store extra calories which are utilized as fat when we eat later. Our body burns calories throughout the day in the form of heat so we should never skip a meal to improve our metabolism system.

2- Overeating habits.


Skipping a meal lead us to overeat. As we skip a meal our body grows more demand for food as a result of being hungry from our meal-skipping behavior. Skipping a meal enhances our craving for food which results in to overeat.

3- We feel tired and Inactive.

Feeling tired and Inactive.

Skipping a meal can literally make our body slow and inactive as there is not enough energy in our body to work, this is due to the drop in glucose in the blood. Our body needs proper food and nutrition to work energetically throughout the day.

4- Acidity Problem.

Acidity problem.

Acidity can be caused due to the long gap between the meal. When we are empty stomach we usually intake tea, coffee or other drinks which leads to secretion to acid in the gastric glands of the stomach.

5- Bad Breath.

Bad Breath due to skipping a meal.

Bad breath is common for people who skip their meal, As we eat the food we chew it and the amount of saliva increases in our mouth and when we are not eating that is skipping a meal amount of bacteria increases as saliva decreases which causes bad breath.

6- We are not in our best mood.

Bad Mood.

Skipping a meal results in a bad mood as we are messing with our blood sugar levels. When we skip our meal Glucose does not reach to brin which puts us in a very bad mood.

So these are the side effects of skipping a meal. So we should never skip a meal, instead of skipping a meal, we can have snacks or light food of that our body can energetically which proper amount to glucose in our blood.

So stay fit, healthy, happy and content. I hope that I have provided you with the knowledge of being healthy. For more information, you can check out my blog section.

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Why Running and Jogging Is Best For Health And Fitness.

Three Women running.

Running and Jogging are both forms of Aerobics exercise. Jobbing is defined as going with a speed less than 6 km/h while running is going for speed more than 6 km/h. Have you ever wondered about their benefits? It is far beyond our expectations

There are 24 hours in a day. According to scientific research, we need 150 minutes of exercise a week that is 30 minutes per day while leaving 2 days of exercise in a week. So the best exercise we can do is running and jogging. Here are the amazing benefits of running and jogging.

1- Running and jogging reduce stress and improves mental health.

We are busy the whole day working in an office or in another business which is hectic for us but regular running and jogging in the early morning and in the evening will help us to reduce stress and help us to improve our mental health.

2- Running and Jogging Extend Life Expectancy.

A study found that regular running and jogging will improve your life expectancy as compared to those who don’t run and all. This the best benefits of running and jogging, just spare 15-20 minutes a day for this aerobic exercise.

3 – Makes Us Happier And Active.

Sparing 15-20 minutes a day for running or jogging makes you feel happier and active throughout the day. No matter how you feel but regular exercise will surely make you happy and better. Running can also use as a medium to control your anger.

4- Helps Your Body To Be In Shape.

Running and Jogging helps your body to be in shape as you burn calories and it helps you to maintain fitness. So you can be in shape and you can even reduce your Tummy fat by running and jogging.

5- Helps Us To Reduce Weight.

Exercises burn calories and while running and jogging we burn large amounts of calories and it continues even after we stop them which is called ” Afterburn “. So we can maintain or lose our weight by running and jogging.

6- Easy To Learn.

Running and Jogging is easy to learn as it as you don’t need any complicated technique. All you just need a proper pair of running shoes and a particular track to run.

7- Cheapest Aerobic Exercise.

Running is the cheapest aerobic exercise as it does not need any type of equipment and you can do running at the park, loan, a free space, etc. All you just need is a pair of shoes.

8 – Reduce the Risk of Diseases.

One of the best benefits of running and jogging is the it reduces the risk of diseases as it makes our immune system strong. Running or Jogging in the early morning in the fresh air also improves our respiratory system.

9- Strengthen Our Bones.

Running or jogging helps our bones to become strong as while running our body becomes flexible and blood circulation also increases so it strengthens our bones.

10- Effective Way To Quit Smoking.

The best benefit of running and jogging is that it can help smokers to quit their smoking habit. Also, it helps the lungs to repair and it promotes lung health.

So these are benefits of running and jogging.

I hope that I have provided you with the knowledge of being healthy.

Do give your suggestions in the comment section and let me know your word about it.

5 Time Management Techniques For Busy People.

There are 24 hours in a day, Time is something that cannot be bought; it cannot be wagered with God, and it is not in endless supply, Time is simply how you live your life. So time management is an important aspect of lime.

Working 8-9 hours a day is a hectic task, this the compulsory time that we have to invest for 5 or 6 days a week for our survival and the remaining time is for your Family, Friends, Children, Health and fitness etc. So we should always spend our positively as we cannot get it back, So personally, it is our choice that we have to waste it or utilize it. Here are 5-time management techniques by which you can manage your time even if you are busy throughout the day.

1- Prioritize Your Time.

This technique is one of the best technique to utilize the time efficiently, Basically, we have to prioritize our whole tasks throughout the day. The thing or work which is most important for us should be completed at a particular time. The task to achieve our goals should be completed first. So it depends on us which task is more important or us and which is not.

2- Plan Your Next Day Before Sleeping.

Every person nowadays uses their cell phone before going to bed but for proper time management spare your 5-10 minutes before going to bed so that you can analyze and plan your next this. By this, you will be mentally and physically prepared for the next time and you can do your particular task without wasting a single second as you have planned it before. As a result, you will work faster and smoother.

3- Give Some Time To Yourself.

The most important time in the world is the time you make for yourself. It is not selfish to give some time to yourself, it will help you to show up fully to others, destroy negative thoughts and mainly it will help you think how to prioritize and spend your throughout the day happily and efficiently. Self-time promotes healthy and balanced work life.

4- Set Time Management Goals.

Setting a goal in life is important as it gives us direction and provides us the path that what we have to achieve in our life. Having a goal is like having proper Aim and Ambition. So you can invest your more time in achieving your goal rather than wasting time on other stuff. It will give you self motivation and power to achieve your goal.

5- Analyze Your Time-Survey.

The first step for time management is to analyze the time your spending throughout the day. You can only manage your time if you clearly know how your time is spent. After properly analyzing you can change it according to your convenience.

..For this take a notebook and properly analyze your time that how you are spending your time.

..Then make suitable changes according to your preferences and categorize your most and least important work, and do it accordingly.

So these are the 5-time management techniques for busy people by which you can manage your time. I hope that I have provided you with the knowledge of being healthy.

Do give your suggestions in the comment section and let me know your word about it.

How To Stay Fit Without A Gym.

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. Fitness can not only be achieved by going to the Gym. All we just need to follow a healthy lifestyle, good diet, and some exercise. There are many reasons that we don’t join Gym whether it being an Expensive or Stressful job. But we can stay fit and healthy without a gym by following these simple ways.

We have to follow these three things that are our Lifestyle, Diet and Workout. Let me explain this to you one by one.


Man holding green tea in the office.

Lifestyle includes how we spend our entire day whether we are working or spending our free time. It can be defined as our entire day time table. To stay fit without a gym we have to follow Lifestyle as following-

— Healthy Sleep of 7 hours.

— Morning workout and exercise for 15 to 20 minutes which includes jogging, running, aerobics.

— You can also prefer YOGA along with exercise for 15 minutes.

— Avoid bad manners like Smoking, Alcohol, tobacco, etc.

— Avoid junk food but you can have it once or twice throughout the week.

— No caffeine in any form tea, coffee, diet coke nothing.

— Workout and Exercise for 30 minutes in the evening which included running, pushups, and squat.

2- Diet.

A high protein diet.

— A glass of hot water long with along with a lemon as it will improve your metabolism and your digestive power. It is key to stay in shape and to lose weight.

— Fruits are our best friends. Eat fruits in breakfast and evening snacks. You can also have juice at breakfast and in the evening.

— Do not overeat and prefer Chapati over rice as it contains more protein.

— Avoid sugar, sweet dishes and Caffeine as they are poisoning us.

— Stay Hydrated and eat vegetable salads with your dinner.

3- Workout.

A girl doing jogging.

— You have to run a minimum of 2-3 km in the entire day, So you can cover this distance in the morning and evening workout.

— Total 100 push-ups in the entire day, So 50 pushups in the morning and 50 pushups in the evening workout.

— 15-20 Minutes of Yoga in a morning workout.

— 50 pullups and 50 sit-ups throughout the day.

Don’t follow this if your BMI falls under the normal category. If you persist in following this routine then try to include more carbs during lunch and also during dinner.

For people who are overweight, you will shed 15-20 kgs. within 5-6 months and for people with normal weight can shape their bodies and can stay fit and healthy by following these ways.

So stay fit, healthy, happy and content. I hope that I have provided you with the knowledge of being healthy.

Do give your suggestions in the comment section and let me know your word about it.

8 Realistic Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Busy People.

Nutrition is important for fitness. Busy people are so busy in their daily routine that they skip their meal in their long hectic day. Stressful jobs, long hours, overtime can negatively impact your health, for this, your body should need proper nutrition so that even after working for a long day and having a hectic schedule, you can remain fit. Also, we should know how to manage time for Job and Exercise.

Did you know a survey conducted for the busy people taking their meals says that 15% of people skip their meal during their working hours, while 23% of people consume their food between 0- 15 minutes that is their average break time to consume their meal.

Combining all the factors of busy people stress, less time leads to some serious problems like weight gain, digestion problems, overeating, etc. they cannot waste a single minute from there busy schedule but for this the energy which can only be obtained by proper food and nutrition.

There are few things which busy people should keep in there mind while working so that they can work energetically throughout the day and can remain fit and healthy.

1- Never skip your breakfast

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day because it breaks the overnightfasting period, replenishes your supply of glucose and provides other essential nutrients to keep your energy levels up throughout the day. Skipping breakfast is also linked to certain diseases like obesity and diabetes risks. Proper breakfast full of nutrition should be done before leaving your home for work so that the body should have enough energy which can be utilized throughout the day.

2- Stay Hydrated

The human body depends on water to survive. Every part of the body requires water to function properly. Busy people should always stay hydrated by drinking an average of 6 to 8 glass per day. We should always keep a water bottle with us so that we can drink water from it and can stay hydrated.

3- In between light meal snacks

Busy people should avoid large meals before there sleep. They should prefer in between light meals from time to time so that they do not feel hungry also the are consuming proper nutrients at a particular time. This will help them to work energetically without any stress and tension.

4- Prepare your meal at home.

The best way to stay away from junk food is to prepare your meal at home. During your week off, so that you can prepare snacks that can be utilized throughout the week also they will not affect your health as they are healthy and full of nutrition.

5- Avoid Caffeine. 

Caffeine can lead to several diseases so we should avoid it. Quitting coffee or caffeine can lower your blood pressure and keep your heart from working as hard. I know it is very difficult to avoid caffeine so we should grab it in very limited quantity.

6- Choose healthy Food at restaurants

It is very ordinary for busy people to have their meals in restaurants. Rather than fried food stick with grilled food and choose food like fruits, salad, and soups which are rich in nutrients.

7- Avoid consumption of Alcohol 

Busy people like to have happy hour drinks after their long day but alcohol is dangerous to health which adds extra calories to your diet. While the occasional one or two drinks will not hurt your body so alcohol consumption should be moderate and should strictly be in limited quantity.

8- Preplan your cheat day

Don’t be afraid to cheat your diet once every week. Enjoy your life, it’s stressful enough to have a healthy diet for most of the days. Allow yourself to eat whatever your heart, belly desires and then bounce back to your daily binge.

So stay fit, healthy, happy and content. I hope that I have provided you with the knowledge of being healthy.

Do give your suggestions in the comment section and let me know your word about it.

Best 10 Minutes Breakfast With Preparation For Busy People.

We are all aware that breakfast is the first meal of the day and therefore it breaks the overnight fast, if skipped, the fast continues to extend leading to impact the metabolism of your body, resulting in laziness, poor concentration, and unhealthy body weight.
But most of us do not have time to have necessary and appropriate parts of the breakfast because it obviously takes time to cook and has one.
There are certain breakfast preparations that only take 10 minutes to make
Porridges are made using cereal, milk and water and sugar. Porridges are one of the best breakfast which helps us to lose weight. These can be classified into three categories:
Uncooked cereals – e.g. cracked wheat, semolina, sago
Semi- cooked cereals- e.g. quick-cooking oats, vermicelli
Ready-to-eat cereals- e.g. cornflakes, rice flakes, wheat flakes, rice crisps, puffed wheat, chirwa.

Nutritive value of porridges
As the porridges are prepared using milk, cereal and sugar all these contribute towards a nutritive value

Milk provides a good quality of protein and supplements the essential amino acids that are deficient in cereals.
Milk is also a rich source of calcium and vitamins such as riboflavin and vitamin A. Cereals are a good source of energy, iron and some vitamins of B-group. Sugar too contributes to the energy content.

Cracked wheat porridge:
Ingredients >>>> Amount
Milk >>>> 1 Cup
Cracked wheat > >>> 20g
Water > >>> ½ C
Sugar > >>> 2t or to taste
Fat >>>> 5g

Heat the fat in the pan and roast the cracked wheat to light brown color. Alternately it may be dry roasted in a pan.
Add water and cook on a slow fire, stirring occasionally till done and of thick consistency
Add milk, sugar and bring to boil, serve hot, and dry fruits on top while serving it.

This is a very easy way to have a conventional breakfast without compromising on your time. Avoiding an unhealthy lifestyle and switching to a healthy heart and body is the obligatory rule to achieve so.

So this is the best and quickest breakfast with full nutrition for busy people. Also, you can prepare it on your own. There are several other breakfasts so you can also check them out.

Do let me know your suggestions. You can also comment down below.

How To Lose Weight While Being Busy.

Lose Weight Fat Slim.

To be honest, one should never be too busy that they neglect their health, We get sick when we neglect our health and not able to do anything that keeps us busy. But we can lose weight while being super busy, it’s just a matter of our determination and attitude.

Lose Weight Healthily.

Here are some tips that can help us to lose weight while being busy.

1- Eat less food –

Eating less food doesn’t mean that we have to skip our meal or something else. It’s just you have to just ignore extra food like sweet dish and along with this ignore your extra eating habits. This is the best method to avoid extra calorie intake which makes us fat.

2-Never Skip your Meal.

It is important to understand that skipping a meal does not help us to lose weight in fact it reduces our metabolism and also affects our hormonal system. So we should never skip our meal. Proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be taken at a particular time.

3-Eat fruits and vegetables with high Fiber.

There are many benefits of food with high fiber but one of the best use of it is weight loss and management. Fiber food enhances weight loss. Some examples of fiber food are bananas, oranges, apples, mangoes, beans, and legumes, etc.

4-Develop a Positive Attitude.

We should always develop a positive attitude, there should not be a negative thought in our mind. If we are trying to lose weight in a busy schedule then we should make a resolution that we can do it and we will do it.

5- Workout on Weekends.

Working 5 or 6 days a week is a hectic process, Sometimes we missed workout during weekdays and prefer sleep. So we workout on weekend days properly which will help us to lose weight and also we can enjoy our weekend energetically without and stress.

6- Choose a partner.

You can join your friends, colleagues or your family members in the workout. Choosing a fitness buddy will make the fitness session more enjoyable and beside this, it will keep you motivated.

7- Managing time along with your Health and Fitness.

You should have a proper time table so that you can manage time for your work and exercise. Prioritize both the task as these are the most important factors of our survival. Along with this, we should also manage your health and fitness accordingly as these are the necessary factors to lose weight.

8- Join the most convenient Gym.

Going to the gym while working is the most difficult task. So it is better to join the convenient gym which is near your work or your house. It is not necessary that we have to donate an hour or two in the gym, we can lose weight by the particular exercise in the time convenient for us.

So these are some important tips which will help you to lose weight while you are busy.

Do let me know your suggestions. You can also comment down below.

Thank you.

How to manage time for a job and exercise

Ever wonder how people stay so fit and healthy while working the whole day? Busy people find difficult in managing time for job and exercise but is not as difficult as we have built mentality in our mind. We should prioritize our fitness as fitness is important for our health and well being. Exercise doesn’t mean that we need 6 pack abs and body like bodybuilders it’s just regular exercise helps us to improve our health, happiness, reduce stress and provide energy to work throughout the day.

Here are some ways by which you can manage time for exercise no matter how busy you are.

1- Make a habit of morning exercise-

Early morning jogging.

Start your day with morning exercise after you wake up. It will help your body healthy fatigue and you will remain stress-free throughout the day. You just need to spare 20-30 minutes in the morning which will help you to reduce stress and depression and also you will sleep better at night.

2-Master you Mindset-

Never think that you have to do just think that you want to do. So that you can do your exercise with full interest and also you should prepare your mind in a positive way. With a positive attitude, you can complete and achieve what you want, So do you exercise will full interest and positively.

3- Yoga-

Women doing Yoga.

Yoga processes a complete system of mental, social, physical and spiritual development. Just few minutes of yoga every day will help you boost your energy in the busy schedule and will keep you fresh for a longer time.

4-Indulge your self in outdoor activities-

Parents playing with there children.

Exercise doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym and need special equipment, you can spare your free time in outdoor activities like jogging, playing with children , household works and playing outdoor games you like the most.

5- Make a date –

Couple on a jogging date.

This is the best method for couples where they can schedule a running date, yoga date, exercise date, in fact, whatever you want. By this, you can spend time together and can stay fit and healthy.

6-Make it a regular habit-

You should exercise every day whatever the situation is. I know it is very difficult after long hours of office but making it is habit will help you to do exercise in continuity.

7-Move more at Work-

Exercises while sitting on an office chair.

Sitting in front of the computer throughout the day is very difficult and hectic. So start moving from time to time when you are free, challenge yourself in break time, Eat healthy food and juice in the office.

So these are some important tips which will help you to look after your fitness and healthy lifestyle while you are busy.

Do let me know your suggestions. You can also comment down below.

Thank you.