Pizza Recipe In 15 minutes.

Craving for Pizza? but don’t want to order it online or some other restaurant. Don’t worry, you can prepare the pizza recipe in 15 minutes at your home.

Just follow these simple steps and get your pizza recipe ready in just 15 minutes. All you need is 1 pizza base, pizza sauce, mozzarella, cheese, bell peppers, paneer, corn, and onions and a microwave.

1- Take pizza base and apply 4 tablespoons of Pizza sauce on it.

2- Apply 100-gram mozzarella cheese on it.

3- Make a mixture of one onion and one bell pepper and sprinkle it on the pizza base.

4- Add 100 grams of corn and 50 grams paneer to it.

5- Now sprinkle oregano and chilly flakes on it. ( Note- These are the toppings you can add them according to your need and emotions)

6- Add 50 grams of mozzarella cheese on it.

7- Bake it in a microwave for approximately 7-8 minutes.

Your pizza recipe is ready and you can enjoy it in your home. These recipes are made by us, for more recipes you can follow us on Instagram.