Make Sunny Side Up Eggs with Sauteed Veggies At Home In 10 Minutes.

Sunny Side Up Eggs with Sauteed Veggies

“Happiness is Homemade”, Cooking done with care is an act of God. Want to prepare delicious breakfast food that pairs great with a piece of bread for dipping in the yolk! You can easily prepare sunny side up eggs at home in 10 minutes.

All you need is brown bread, sauteed vegetables, cucumber, eggs, black pepper salt, and vegetables. Just follow these steps to prepare sunny side up eggs at home.

1- Toast two slices of brown bread.

2- After this saute the vegetables.

3- For the salad, we have to cut cucumber it any other salad you want to add . (Note- We have taken cucumber because it is full of fiber and best combine with eggs because eggs contain protein and this is the rule of a healthy diet that we take protein we have to take sufficient fiber with it.)

4- Then make sunny side up eggs. ( Note- Sunny side up eggs means that it is fried on just one side and never flipped, the yolk is the complete liquid.)

5-Place the eggs on bread.

6- Sprinkle black pepper salt and herbs on it.

7-You have made Sunny side up eggs at home in just 10 minutes, at last, enjoy your food.

Chef- Kulperet Singh Gill.

We prepare all these recipes at home, the ingredients used and the process to prepare all recipes are specially designed by us. After proper testing and taking feedback from others we share this. To enjoy more homemade recipes follow us on Instagram.