What are the Components Of Physical Fitness?

Physical exercise is a disciplined way of maintaining overall health and wellness. It can be compared to a machine, if the machine isn’t used for a long time, the functions wouldn’t work as accurately as compared to when the machine was new. The human body is also the same, when we take care of the body, it will work better. That’s why physical fitness is necessary.

Fitness is a state of health which enables the body to do efficient activities. It makes the heart, lungs and muscles perform better. Research has found that physical exercise also influences our mental alertness and emotional stability. So, the person who physically fit can perform better in the workplace.

Physical fitness is the most impotent key to keep a healthy body. others are good diet, sound sleep If you are physically fit, it can help you to live longer and helps you keep doctors away Also you will have a great deal to manage your stress level, reducing depression anger control and anxiety management. In order to get physical fitness, you have to go with regular physical exercise and have to follow a complete routine. So, what’s the routine? The American heart foundation found that 150 minutes of exercise every week can lead to physically sound health. Simply 30 minutes a day and 5 days a week.

Basically there are 5 components of physical Fitness.

Cardiovascular fitness:

This fitness basically enables Heart and lungs to work today together to remove sudden tiredness and ensure maximize the general working time. It helps to deliver oxygen efficiently. That makes you have a sound breathing system. Also, it makes your body waste-free by transferring harmful waste from cells. One can have cardiovascular fitness by cycling jogging swimming, running, speed working etc.


In fitness achieving flexibility is much important. Flexibility ensures the easy movements of muscle, ligament and tendons easy movements. Most of the people ignored this phrase but that is the key component of measuring your fitness level. When anyone moves his body parts without any hindrance and feeling of uncomfortableness. It will help you provide a lower chance of muscle-tendon injuries.

Muscular Strength:

To perform our daily activities we need a modest level of Strength. Like is regular activities we might have something to carry, something to move or to lift objects for this we need a certain level of strength. To rise up the muscular strength leg press, shoulder press, bench press could be a good exercise.

Muscular endurance :

Muscular endurance is not same as Muscular strength, It indicates a bit upper level of strength, It also enables a person to do daily activities and also reduces the risk of getting injured while performing this basic tasks. Example of Muscular endurance is how many pushups or sit up one person can do that indicate a dynamic level. On a static level, one can enjoy these activities like cycling, hiking or simply playing football or other games.

Body composition:

Body composition is normally used to measure the ratio of fat, bone, water, organs and muscles. People usually have different body composition. Healthy adult’s males have 6 to 24 percent fat in their body and Healthy females have 14 to 31 percent fat in their body. The overfat level could bring a negative effect on your appearance, performance and overall health.

In conclusion, these are the components of physical fitness. Fitness is important to be more active in your daily life. We can see some people are very active in their 70’s while some also get affected by several diseases by their 30’s. We need to innovative and hardworking to compete in this digital era. Which sound health and physical fitness it would not possible. You have to exercise Daily and also have to maintain a healthy diet chart. That will boost your energy level and enable you to work more with a stress-free mind.